The main conference venue is Hochschule der Bildenden Künste Saar (Keplerstraße 3-5, 66117 Saarbruecken, Germany).

The Hochschule der Bildenden Künste Saar (HBKsaar) is the Saarland’s only university of art and design. It was founded in 1989 and emerged from the initial “Staatliche Schule für Kunst” founded 1924 which changed to a “Schule für Kunst und Handwerk” in 1964, both with a strong tradition of arts and crafts. From 1971 to 1989 the school join together with the current University of Applied sciences. Since 1989 HBKsaar has developed into one of the most important creative training centres in the greater region of Saarland-Western Palatinate-Alsace-Lorraine-Luxembourg-Wallonia. HBKsaar is a public institution with about 500 students and offers a challenging and fulfilling education in subjects that are current and relevant to the artistic and creative fields.

The lgm-opening venue is the historical building of the former French embassy (Hohenzollernstrasse 60, 66117 Saarbruecken, Germany). A beautiful building offering a variety of large, medium, and small spaces and surrounded by a garden, it is one of the city’s hidden secrets since it is currently awaiting reconstruction and only open for temporary uses. It is also a landmark building reflecting the regions complex Franco-German history.



You can buy groceries, toiletries, and other supplies from the following shops. Our selection is based on the initiatives and companies in Saarbrücken, which are part of the local ecosystem conscious about social and ecological sustainability and considering themselves being part of the local collaborative economy.



Bolay’s Bistro
„Right next to the beautiful Basilica at Sankt Johanner Markt you can enjoy simple, good food (pasta, pizza, salads) at Bolay’s Bistro. They offer a wide selection of vegetarian dishes as well as a for people with food intolerances (gluten-free noodles and pizzas, etc.). You should also try the delicious cakes at Bolay’s! “

die Burgerei
„Here you’ll find high quality burger specialties, even vegetarian, vegan and/or gluten free ones, within a price range of 7 to 10 €. „Die Burgerei“ uses regional products, commits itself to sustainability and acts out of „love for the region and passion for cooking“… The shop is very small and no reservation is possible – that’s why we recommend to rather pop up there with a small bunch of people.
You can also take the burgers away, best in your own reusable box…! “

Café Confiserie Schubert
„It feels a bit like visiting your grandmother: tasty, fine and pleasant. Here you will find classical cakes, pies and traditionally made pastries. This cafe attracts young and old with their fine baked goods “

Café Kostbar
„This quaint backyard is a cosy place to eat outside under an ivy covered roof. There is space at the long tables, even for larger groups – a small idyllic restful place with delicious food in the middle of Nauwieser Viertel.“.

„Herzenlust” is a rather chic establishment. There are fine and original dishes, but (moneysavers should stay away) should save auspicious here. The kitchen works with regional and high-quality products, to which the service gladly advises.”

Die Konkrete Utopie
„A short trip to Italy. It’s not only the dishes that take you to Italy, but also the atmosphere in the restaurant. Authentic and cheerful Giovanni welcomes you in his small restaurant. „Enjoyment takes time“ – it can take a while to get served up. Small Special: The products that Giovanni uses can be bought in the store.

„There are rather simple dishes here, such as a market salad with fried eggs and fried potatoes or a portion of pasta. The restaurant is located in a cultural center, which also offers yoga and dance classes, as well as concerts. The program can be found on the website! “

„When the sun is shining and the fountain splashes, it’s a pleasure to sit in front of the Academy of Music on Cora-Eppstein-Platz with fresh, light food and refreshing spritzers. The lunch menu changes every day with all sorts of savory and special dishes “

„The Ratskeller Saarbrücken is centrally located directly at St. Johannis Church, the hub of the city. In the vaulted cellar you can order German home-style cooking and discover regional specials. Of course you can get also just a drink at the bar!”

Restaurant Krua Thai
„The visitor criticism is continuously positive: a“ hip atmosphere, flowers for decoration on the plates and a great service „characterize this place. Thai dishes in the most varied variation await you here! “

Sur Picadas Bar
„The South American Picadas Bar offers a wide range of daily specials and promotions. Both for dining on the terrace and for sipping cocktails, this restaurant is a great place to go!”

Tomate 2
„In the sunshine you sit here royally on the castle square of Saarbrücken. Spacious with a view of the old town hall, the castle and the fountain, salads, tarte flambée, risotto and pasta can be enjoyed. The tomato 2 is within walking distance of the conference venue. (A little tip, a step left past the castle you can see the entire city from the castle wall!) “

As an „animal product-free mom and pop shop“, the Veganeria offers a wide range of food, especially from small factories, plus a lunch table as well as tea, coffee and delicious cakes. For the latter there is no To Go packaging since 01.01.2019. Please bring along if necessary. The shop is located in the heart of the Nauwieser culture and pub district in Saarbrücken, which is very easy to reach by bus and Saarbahn. “

„The dishes, served over the counter of a hip food truck, combine different flavors and take you to distant lands. The important motivation of the team: to cook fresh, healthy food, which was prepared „with love and without animal suffering“. There are two food trucks in Saarbrücken. “
Dudweiler Landstraße 87, 66111 Saarbruecken
President-Balz-Strasse 2, 66119 Saarbrücken

„Here is a delicious lunch in the middle of everyday life in Saarbrücken. It is not for nothing that some business people come here at lunchtime to strengthen themselves. The town shop with its integrated restaurant area is in the underground discount passage. “

„The Thonet may be very small and rather tight-fitting, but there is a cozy atmosphere in it, which is nowhere to be found. A great breakfast with all sorts of fresh, good cheese from France and daily several kinds of cake to choose from is a very good start to the day! Also in the afternoon it is a nice place to stop by, relax and enjoy! „.

Café Knorke
„Just around the corner from the LGM conference venue is Café Knorke. „Knorke“, as they say in Berlin, means something like „cool, good and excellent“ and brings the Berlin casual flair to us. Vegan and vegetarian dishes, both for breakfast and lunch, are offered here very cheaply! Sandy and Irene, who manage the store, only buy high quality products and are very careful about producing little garbage and working sustainably „.

To make courses:

Martinshof Stadtladen
„This supermarket includes a large assortment of food and everyday necessities. Located very centrally in the Bahnhofstrasse, a quick detour is well possible. Hot tip: The nut wedges (“Nussecke” in german) are unique! “

Naturkost Mutter Erde
„This small shop is located in the heart of the city on the St. Johanner market. In the tranquil little shop you will find both high-quality, regional food, as well as household materials and drugstore items. “

„The “Ringelblume” in the hip cultural and trendy district Nauwieser Viertel is a small shop with small delicacies. Vegan to vegetarian food, drugstore items and fresh fruit and vegetables can be quickly grabbed on the way to the conference venue. “

„Here you shouldn’t go shopping unprepared! The concept of unpacked shopping is to go shopping without producing disposable material. Consumers come with bags, cups and boxes, fill them on the spot and then take their purchases with them. This store fits in very well with our concept;) “

„The name already says it: here you will find only products from the Saar (Saarland GER) – Lor (Lorraine FR) – Lux (Luxembourg LUX)-region. A wide range of regional products from the ordinary to the extraordinary, as insiders say, „Bermuda Triangle“ of the city „. “

Reformhaus Escher, Kaiserstraße 2, 66111 Saarbrücken
„Here you will find everything that is necessary in everyday life from drugstore items but also drinks and food from the refrigerated counter. An in-house bakery produces organic bread, rolls and sweet baked goods “

Reformhaus Escher Europa Galerie
„Right next to the main train station in the Europa-Galerie is the health food store Escher. If it takes you into the consumer colossus, a trip there is the most sustainable! Both the bare essentials of drugstore items to tea, sweets or spreads can be found here fair and organic treats! „