Cutting edge graphics software meets free culture

Developers and users of Free, Libre and Open Source graphics software have met May 27-30 in Brussels at the fifth annual Libre Graphics Meeting (LGM). The meeting space was truly unique -- an historic piano factory, freshly renovated into a lively exhibition and workspace. LGM 2010 gave software developers, artists, designers and other graphics professionals the opportunity to collaborate and learn from each other. LGM emphasizes the sharing of collective creativity, innovation and ideas and was free for everyone to attend.

LGM 2011 in Montreal

The Libre Graphics Meeting 2011 will take place on May 10-13 in Montreal.

A review of LGM 2010

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With a Lot of Face-to-face meetings among developers and users alike; LGM provided the time and place for developers and users to interact. Formal tutorials, talks, workshops, informal birds-of-a-feather (BOF) sessions and meetings over lunch gave all who attend an opportunity to delve deep into discussion of libre graphics. Teams have set up stalls to connect with their colleagues and the public.

Reclaim your tools. from Jake on Vimeo.

Important work on open color management systems and the SVG vector graphics standard for print and web have taken place at LGM2010. In addition, an increasing number of artists, designers and academics showcasing novel uses of libre graphics software have been involved this year, and specific activities have been organized for students from art and design schools.

The conference organizers invite all interested to join the Create Project mailing list and get involved.

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