Wednesday, 29.05.




Tatica Leandro & Pat David

Meeting point: 11:00 at the church „Ludwigskirche“

It’s photowalk time again! Come join many other Libre Software Photographers for a casual walk through Saarbrucken with cameras out and ready. Don’t be shy, come and join everyone and learn something, teach something, or just enjoy a nice walk with like-minded friends. This year we’ll get an opportunity to walk with the one and only Tatica Leandro so come out and bring your camera!

Tatica Leandro – I’m a full-time designer, photographer and community people . I love to analyze how this interactive world works.

Pat David – I’m a janitor on the GIMP team and I try to help people at PIXLS.US with their photography and Free Software.


Offical opening LGM

with Samson Schmitt Ensemble – Gypsy Jazz





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