See you in 2010!

The LGM 2009 has been the fourth annual worldwide meeting of teams developing open source graphics applications. Designers, graphic artists and many other people involved in print production and/or web development had a good time meeting the developers one to one.

It has been a tremendous success and we now look forward to the fifth edition of LGM which will take place in May 2010 in Brussels. Further details will be announced on this website in a few weeks, so stay tuned!

This years edition has been preceded by LGM 2006 in Lyon, France, LGM 2007 in Montreal, Canada and LGM 2008 in Wroclaw, Poland.

You can still find traces of the LGM on our microblogging sites: and Pictures taken at LGM may be found in the Flickr Libre Graphics Meeting group.

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It happened in 2009...

Here are some revies on what happened at LGM 2009 in Montréal!


The main projects at the Libre Graphics Meeting are:

A complete free graphics environement results from dozens of other projects related to fonts, colors, PDFs, cliparts, and lot more....

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