Sponsors & Partners 2019:





K8 Institut für strategische Ästhetik gGmbH  |  HBK Saar   |  xm:lab   | Ministerium für Wirtschaft, Arbeit, Energie und Verkehr Saarland  | Ministerium für Bildung und Kultur Saarland  | Staatskanzlei des Saarlandes  | DFKI  |  Open Saar e.V.  |    saaris – saarland.innovationen&standort e.V.  | Google  |  Gimp |  SuSe  | Publisher | adfc  | Kino achteinhalb | Weltveränderer e.V.

LGM consists of many elements, and some are more visible than others: the talks, posters, travel stipends, video documentation and this website are all concrete expressions of graphic design; while the co-creation of ideas, adminstration, coordination, organization, enthusiasm and emotional support are a little more abstract.

All are needed and important, and the culture of collaboration through which we create all of these essential elements do not easily map back to specific sponsors, or a single scale of value.

Therefore we want to thank all our sponsors together for their generosity in supporting all these activities, and making a commitment to supporting the libre graphics ecosystem as a whole.

Our sponsors are all actors in this ecosystem, and each has a stake in its overall growth and well-being. If that sounds like you and your organization, please become a sponsor of the next Libre Graphics Meetings by contacting lgm(a)k8.design.