The main conference venue is the historical building of the former French embassy. A beautiful building offering a variety of large, medium, and small spaces and surrounded by a garden, it is one of the city’s hidden secrets since it is currently awaiting reconstruction and only open for temporary uses. It also a landmark building reflecting the regions complex Franco-German history. Between 1945 and 1955, the Saar area remained under French administration, and architecture played a key role in the French vision of a post-fascist democratic Germany.

We are involved in Resonanzen, a cultural heritage project focusing on these architectures. Part of this effort is to explore future uses for these historical sites. Organizing LGM 2019 at one of these sites is a wonderful way to get involved in that process. (Those interested in the history of communications architectures we will take to Europe 1, a long-wave radio station).

We are in the process of working with additional locations across the city of Saarbruecken to host side events.


The address of the main conference venue is Hohenzollernstrasse 60, 66117 Saarbruecken, Germany