Building an OpenHardware Spectrograph for Color Profiling in Linux

At the 2012 Libre Graphics Meeting in Vienna, Richard Hughes presented a progress report on the ColorHug, his open hardware colorimeter. For over 2200 Linux users (and counting!), the Open Hardware ColorHug colorimeter has been an inexpensive way to calibrate monitors. Richard returns to LGM this year to talk about his newest project, a progression of the work on ColorHug, the ColorHug+.

ColorHug+ Prototype

The ColorHug+ is a mini-spectrograph with UV switched illuminants, allowing it to profile all manner of displays and printers. This allows for a complete look at colour management throughout the workflow. In this presentation Richard will be discussing the technology change for the ColorHug+, the higher price (£300 for the ColorHug+ vs. £60 for the ColorHug), and will walk through the requirements for building a device with sufficient accuracy and precision. Richard will also walk through a brief history of the project and display photos of early prototypes of the ColorHug+.

Join us in Leipzig at the 2014 Libre Graphics Meeting for a chance to meet Richard and see his presentation on the ColorHug+!