You can get in touch with us through the CREATE-mailinglist or find us on IRC at #LGM at or

For urgent matters or for private communications you can directly contact us by email.

The Libre Graphics Meeting Organizing Team

Local organizers in Leipzig, Germany, for LGM 2014
Mario Behling
Sirko Kemter

Contacts with our sponsors
Louis Desjardins

  • louis dot desjardins at gmail dot com (spam-proofed email, replace words “dot” and “at” by their respective glyphs)
  • Phone (Montreal, Canada, GMT -5) +1 514-994-9351 when prompt, dial 3-digit extension 121

Sirko Kemter
Nathan Willis

Public relations
Mario Behling
Hong Phuc Dang
Patrick David

Content committee
Øyvind Kolås
Jon Nordby
Alexandre Prokoudine
Ale Rimoldi
Femke Snelting

Infrastructure team
Camille Bissuel
Ale Rimoldi

Contact for reimbursements
Louis Desjardins (see above section about Sponsors for contact infos)