Call for 2015 Location

Where will the Libre Graphics Meeting take place in 2015? An important step towards this decision will happen in Leipzig this year, on the last day of LGM. If you are thinking about hosting the Libre Graphics Meeting, here are the things to consider:

  • Ethical and political issues
  • Security issues
  • Health issues
  • Free software acceptance or support in the host country
  • Budget and sponsoring
  • Proposed dates and agenda issues with other events
  • Venue and on-site infrastructure
  • Travel and accomodation
  • Experience of the local team at organising such an international event
  • Communication skills of the local team

Your proposal should cover these areas and should explain why and how you think your city could host the next Libre Graphics Meeting. You can refer to Leipzig’s proposal for 2014 and use it as a template for next year’s proposal. The file can be downloaded here: lgm_leipzig. Of course, if you prefer to present things in a different manner, it’s okay!

Submit your proposal as a PDF file. At the end of this year’s Libre Graphics Meeting you will get a chance to introduce yourself and your team as well as the venue to the audience and answer questions.

We do expect you will need clarifications or feedback on your ideas before you upload your proposal, so feel free to subscribe to the LibreGraphicsMeeting mailing list and post your questions there. Past and present organisers will gladly help you. If you want to make your proposal for a subsequent year and would like to let us know about it sooner, don’t hesitate to post your proposal as well.

Deadline for 2015 location submissions: March 28, 2014.

Submit a venue to host Libre Graphics Meeting in 2015

  • This is where you’ll be able to select and upload your proposal. Before uploading your file, please make sure to meet all requirements. Incomplete proposals will lead to delays in reviewing your proposal. If you need assistance to complete your proposal, please contact the LGM Team (see Contact page at