The main buildings of the University of Leipzig are located directly in the city centre, just 700 metres away from the main station. You can’t miss them, since the City Highrise is located right next to the buildings. The City Highrise is, with 146 metres height, the city’s tallest building. It once belonged to the university and its architecture is meant to symbolise an open book.

LGM 2014 the venue

The Alma Mater Lipsiensis is the oldest university in the Federal Republic of Germany. It opened its doors in 1409, after the German-speaking personnel of the University of Prague had been expelled from Bohemia.

The main lecture room is located in the New Paulinum. It was built in 2007 at the location of the former Paulinerkirche (Church of St Paul), which had been demolished in 1968 by the communist regime of East Germany. Today’s Paulinum contains the university’s assembly hall with an oratory, as well as the facilities of the faculties of computer science and mathematics.

The conference will take place in the rooms of the Faculty of Economics (Grimmaische Straße 12, 04109 Leipzig) and the Felix-Klein-Auditorium of the Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science (Augustusplatz 10, 04109 Leipzig, 5th floor)

The postal address of the University of Leipzig is:
Universität Leipzig
Paulinum, Hauptgebäude
Augustusplatz 10-11
D-04109 Leipzig

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