Blender and the Manikin

Libre Graphics Meeting tries to bring in talks or presentations from the local community each year, and there is a fantastic presentation this year of the work done by Sebastian König recreating a 500 year old manikin with Blender for the GRASSI Museum für Angewandte Kunst in Leipzig.


The original figure was created in 1525 of wood and string.
(Image courtesy of Sebastian König CC-BY)

As detailed in the original post on Blendernation, the original figure dates from 1525 and is an intricate creation of wood and strings that made the figure fully pose-able (even toes and fingers).  Due to its extreme age the figure is fragile, so it was scanned using computer tomography.  Starting from this scan, Sebastian then proceeded to use Blender to re-create the model digitally.

This not only allowed the model to be manipulated without fear of damaging the original, it was also able to allow the museum some insight into how it functions.  For more details of the process and results, have a look at the original post on Blendernation.

For an opportunity to hear Sebastian speak further about the process and results, come visit us in Leipzig for the 2014 Libre Graphics Meeting!