Fashion Design Freedom – Valentina

While freedom in digital graphic design is a primary topic at Libre Graphics Meeting, applications outside the digital world are also fascinating to see! So there will be an opportunity to hear about (and hack with) the fashion pattern design tool Valentina this year.

Susan Spencer Conklin first brought up the topic of free software for fashion design at Libre Graphics Meeting 2010 in Brussels and a year later in Montreal she demonstrated her own software made as part of the Tau Meta Tau Physica project. She programmed the project in Python and implemented the results visually into Inkscape through extensions to be able to output the patterns.

Valentina Pattern Example

However, there are often many paths to a solution, and it wasn’t long before another option became available.

Roman Telezhinsky started working on his own pattern design tool called Valentina as he was studying in a college. Valentina will be introduced at this years Libre Graphics Meeting to the audience and because its still in an early stage, there will be a special hackfest for working on it!