Empowering Users by Asking them to Fund Me

Martin Owens

Day 30th May



This is modified talk I gave at LibrePlanet, it focuses on my adventure using the Patreon platform to get funding to work on Inkscape and why I think this is important to allow users to have the freedom to modify code and they can only do that through a developer.

Why should users be involved in our projects? Why should we ask them for money and what do they get out of being involved if we invite them?

Come hear my thoughts on trying to build funded development within the Inkscape project. As an independent contractor, I've often made features which large companies want because they can afford to pay for it to be made in one go. But what if you're a regular user and your needs, your features are not getting the attention that they need. I wish explain how I hope to empower users through asking them to fund my development work.