The Libre Graphics Meeting 2021

27-30 May, online and physical

2021 Edition: online and physical

Program coming soon : it's under construction.

As you can see, we maintain the LGM event this year. Of course we are conscious that this edition will again be a bit special. Waiting for better days, we think it is important to keep it alive. We have decided to make an attempt of mixed edition :

  • Online conferences
  • Physical meeting for those who can and want to

The online conferences will be similar to last year's event. We will certainly use different technical solutions, but this format will allow everyone to participate and follow what they are interested in.

As we are convinced that a physical meeting is more efficient to motivate collaborations, it will be possible for a limited number of participants to join us in Rennes, to allow teams and those who want to participate to hacking sessions and workshops. We will follow the constrains evolution and organize this physical event accordingly. We are aware that everyone will not be able to come for various reasons. But we think it is important to do our best to help those who want and have the possibility to attend, and not stay in a permanently blocked situation for everyone.

Let us know if you want to come by filling this form

However, as you are not all French or from Brittany, we will keep you informed about the situation and local rules in Rennes , to help you make your choice as easily as possible.

What is the LGM ?

The Libre Graphics Meeting (LGM) is a yearly event about Free Software related to graphics.

Organized every year since 2006, the goal of the Libre Graphics Meeting is to attract developers, artists and professionals using and improving Free Software for creating graphical work.

The LGM fosters discussions between developers and users. Unlike many other events dedicated to Free Software, the LGM always has a strong artistic direction, with designers and artists showing their work along the developers work.

You can find more information on the history of the LGM on the organization website.


This event is targeted at artists, developers, professionnal designers or just curious people. Please consider being a partner or sponsor to support this great meeting.