3D fun with LibreOffice

Cascade: live coding with CSS

Dominik Morishita-Leitner

Day 27th May



A presentation of graphic design works and visual animations created with the underrated 3D function of LibreOffice.

The open source world offers a wide variety of specific programs for specific tasks - reliable office programs, versatile pixel or vector based graphic programs, powerful 3D programs. But sometimes a seemingly minor feature, like LibreOffice's 3D function, can open the door into a new aesthetic realm.

What started as a minimal approach in poster design using LO Writer, went via LO Draw to LO Impress, to create real time low-resource 8k vector animations.

Raphaël Bastide

Day 27th May



Cascade is a lightweight program that allows to perform live audio with CSS.

Introduction and demo of Cascade, an inspiring platform to generate singular rhythm patterns in the browser using Cascading Style Sheets (CSS). You will discover how a web elements can become the score of rich sound compositions. As Cascade is easy to learn, you will be able to create your first electronic track within a couple of minutes.