an utility to draw ASCII/Unicode art interactively

João S. O. Bueno

Day 27th May



Based on the Terminedia framework which enables programs to draw on the text-terminal screen, a simple, yet fun-to-use application created to edit images as text or use the framework capabilities in a more interactive form. One can create pieces of ASCII art work on the same way more traditional image drawing takes place: by interacting with mouse and keyboard. The noveau thing is that on the terminal a "pixel" is not only a color - it fatures a character, a backcground, and even a text-transform effect as well (underline, unicode encircled characters, etc).

In 2020 I presented the terminedia project I am developing enabling programmatic creation of images using the full extend of both unicode and terminal effect capabilities.

This year, with the maturing of that project, a short demonstration of how it is simple to create terminal-interactive apps using Python, and have an actual fun way to create new ASCII art material.

The demo is about usage and examples, and also a quick look at the source code to check how to add new features.