This year, the Libre Graphics Meeting will take place at Activdesign in Rennes, France (4A rue du Bignon, 35000 Rennes).

Activdesign has a great cosy office with several little rooms for Workshops and an open space for talks or lectures.

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How to reach there ?

Once in Rennes, you can reach the venue by city bus, with the line C2 (direction "Haut Sancé", stop at terminus "Haut Sancé" right next to the venue), or with the line C1 (direction "Chantepie", stop at "CARSAT", 2 minutes walk to the venue).

A single bus ticket costs 1,70€ (+ 0.10€ for the reusable electronic ticket). One ticket is valid for 1 hour from its first validation on all bus and metro lines. More info about this on https://www.star.fr .

What about plane ?

Rennes have a little airport called Saint-Jacques but from other countries is better to reach the big city Nantes and come by train since Nantes to Rennes. Those airports are connected by bus to the train station.