Developing landscape photography with open source software

Anna Simon

17:00 - 19:00

Darktable and RawTherapee are the two most popular and very powerful, professional open source raw developers, vkdt is a rather new, extremely fast software that uses exclusively the GPU and will very likely be the successor of both in a few years. In the course of the workshop, the whole group will try to find out together which of these programs is best suited for the task of developing landscape caputres. The main pedagocial methods will be a live « PlayRaw game » that the community uses on online, active participation, dialogue and discussion. We will deal with typical challenging landscape issues such as high dynamic range (dark foreground, bright sky), chromatic aberrations, highlight reconstruction etc. However, the most important thing in landscape photography is harmony and composition. Therefore, we will also focus on the problem that saturation, hue and brightess in certain parts of the photo need to be adjusted selectively in order for a landscape to look aesthetic, e.g. a very common problem is a color cast in the shadows or the highlights. Naturally we will have a look at the newest tools such as Sigmoid, Sigmoid-Primaries, RGB Primaries (darktable), Local Adjustments (RawTherapee) and compare them to older tools like FlimicRGB. One major task will also be pointing out the weaknesses of these softwares for developing landscape shots. Depending on the preference of the participants, we might place the focus on one or two of the named programs.
For more info about what kind of shots we will edit and the results that we will try to achieve, please visit my website and gallery.