Early screening with live music (cinema-concert): « ZeMarmot »

Aryeom & Jehan & ORL

15:00 - 16:00

« ZeMarmot » is an animation project by 2 members of the GIMP team, drawn in GIMP and animated in GIMP and Blender. The film itself is released under libre licenses (CC by-sa, Art Libre)

url project :

Aryeom is the film director and basically did everything, from storyboarding to drawing, coloring, backgrounds, animating and editing. Jehan is the scenarist and technical side of the project, patching GIMP, Blender and other software. He became GIMP’s maintainer while working on ZeMarmot as direct consequence of ZeMarmot project.

The production is LILA, non-profit film production working with Free Software and producing Libre Art movies.
Music is done by AMMD, a cooperative of artists producing Libre Art music with Free Software

While nearing the end of the project, this will be a first public screening close to finale result (animation is done, colorization and backgrounds are ongoing). The short is a bit less than 10 min and will be accompanied by live music with the AMMD musicians. The screening will be preceded and followed by presentation and questions.