7th annual Libre Graphics Meeting takes place in Austria’s Largest Technical University of Applied Sciences.

University of Applied Sciences Technikum Wien
Hoechstaedtplatz 5
1200 Vienna

The map and all infos to get to the venue are on the University’s website.

The LGM talks will take place in the auditorium A1.04B and the meetings on the second floor, workshops, meeting, BOF will take place in the rooms A3.10 and A3.11 on the third floor.

  • Internet wi-fi available to all. Infos to be displayed on-site
  • Wireless microphones for the audience
  • Lots of power plugs



  • Please arrive on time and report to Ale or Louis.
  • Screen resolution: 1024 x 768
  • Headset wireless microphone and cabled microphone
  • OpenSuse on-site computer
  • Please bring your presentation file before session starts so we can copy it.
  • You can use your own laptop.
  • The beamer has a VGA connector only.
  • Please bring your adaptor if you need one.


Vienna (German: Wien [viːn]) is the capital and largest city of Austria. It has a population of about 1.723 million.

Planning your trip

Austria is asking people from many countries to have a valid visa to visit. Please check asap if you need a visa to get to Austria. Visa requirements.

Public Transport

If you arrive on May the 1st, you should know that it is a public holiday in Austria. So look for the Sunday schedules for the public transports.

Bus, Tram and Underground
Consider buying a ticket for the week for 14€. Another possibility would be the “Vienna Card” which you can use for 3 days on every bus, tram or metro, and in addition to that you get discounts or benefits at museums, sights, theaters, concerts, shops, restaurants and cafés. The cost for that ticket is 18.50€. For more informations about the prices and options visit this page.

Public Bike
Another possibility that you can consider is to rent a bike. Vienna has a bike renting system called City Bike. You will need a Citybike Tourist Card for that, mostly you will get them directly in your hotel. There are lots of stations where you can get a bike or bring it back. More informations about City Bike and the costs.

There are different cab companies with different phone numbers (e.g. +43 222 31300), the hotels will call you one if you need it. But consider cabs are not cheap in Europe.

Last edited on 01.05.2012