This form will be online until 23:59 May 31, 2012, EDT (North America Eastern Day Time). Thanks for participating at LGM 2012!


You have to fill the data for at least one method of payments. Please attach all your travel receipts. You cannot go back in this form once it is submitted. We suggest that you review the questions and gather the relevant informations prior to filing the form. Then submit it. You will receive an automatic confirmation email.
  • Please do not put your nick here. We use this information for reimbursement purposes only. A bank draft or cheque or wire transfer will bounce back with a nickname!
  • 3-letter currency code. Ex. CHF for Swiss Francs.
  • Upload as many files as necessary. Leave the remaining upload fields empty if you don’t need them.
    In order to keep our admin costs to the minimum and thus have more money available to you! we may use another payment method than the one you choose. We'll pick the cheapest and most secured way in any given case. In case this happens and we miss important information, we will contact you directly. — Thanks!
  • The email address you use to sign up with Paypal.
  • Eg. Canadian banks are identified by a 3-digit number
  • Eg. In Canada this is a 5-digit number

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