Medialab-Prado in Madrid and the Printing Industry

Sunday 14 April: Post-LGM activity!
Guided tour by the Make Barrio workstation, coordinated by David Rodriguez

The aim of these visits is to meet two of the oldest cultural industries MedialabPrado environment related graphic production. Since the sixteenth century the Juan de la Cuesta Printing inhabits the old house of the former St. Carmen Hospitalillo. During the Siglo de Oro, the literary and theatrical community bustled around this printer who came in record time to publish the first edition of Don Quixote. Today, this spirit is maintained by the activities of the cultural center of the Cervantes Society.
The once Imprenta Municipal de Madrid (Municipal Printing) inhabits a beautiful rationalist building, a collection of machines that until recently almost exclusively printed entire graphic production of the City of Madrid, and a workshop “live” where they are still engaged in productive activities. The proposed visit, what is all this legacy, but mostly to see how even develops a graphic workshop in this institution.

Start of the visit Sunday 14 April 10h.45 Medialab Prado – Belgian Sawmill
11h. Printing Juan de la Cuesta (See Cervantes Society), Calle Atocha 87
12h. Museo de la Imprenta Municipal – Artes del Libro Calle. Concepción Jerónima, 15

Free access; be on time!