The offcial LGM2013 recordings can be found here:


    LGM is a great chance to meet with other designers working in the open, and this year’s event was no exception. If this year’s LGM is anything to go by, open graphics and design are in good shape
    The event has a distinct focus on hot trends in development of software for creative minds
    The Libre Graphics meeting is not just about software, but extends to standards, file formats and actual creative work.
    A first and an incredible LGM for me. This free culture crowd is my tribe. And this is our pow-wow.
    LGM is my favorite conference. I want more conferences or gettogethers like this. Feedback from an animator struggling to finish a task is million times more valuable than  online polls asking for a feature that exists in other tools
    The LGM is the most important event on the annual calendar for me because it brings together everyone involved in the libre graphics space to meet and share ideas. Most of all, I see how libre fonts fit into a wider libre graphics movement, so I come away freshly inspired to continue working in this area.” Dave Crossland, Font consultant
    The very close interaction among developers with artists and designers is priceless. The opportunity to exchange ideas with other project leaders and programmers focused on graphics is something that you can’t find in other event around the world.” Gustav Gonzalez, Tupi Project
    Possibly the most interesting conference I have participated to. Amazing venue, amazing organisation, very rich programme, friendly hosts, etc. Hats off” Aymeric Mansoux, senior lecturer / artist


  • 4 days, 89 scheduled talks, 10 workshops, 3 performances, 3 lectures, 15 lightning talks
  • Hosted by Medialab Prado, Madrid (Spain)
  • Full simultaneous translation in English and Spanish
  • Registered on-line: 201
  • Total participants: 450
  • Programs distributed: 650
  • Registered at Welcome Desk: 155
  • Participants traveling from 26 Countries: Argentina, Australia, Thailand, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Colombia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, London, Mexico, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Spain, Switzerland, United Kingdom, United States, Venezuela, Vietnam

Some results/achievements

  • Launch of the Spanish language chapter in FLOSS-manuals
  • Launch of a network of Free Culture aware Educators
  • Development of a Brushpacks format for sharing brushes between apps like krita, gimp, tupi and mypaint
  • Improved support for text import for oldest and newest CDR formats in libcdr
  • Translation of Darktable manual and application in Spanish