Getting to the venue

Map: Google Maps link


There are no hotels at walking distance from PUC-Rio. Since the by far best way to arrive at the university is by Metrô + Metrô na Superfície (Subway and Subway Bus Service), maybe you should try booking a hostel or hotel at walking distance from one of the following subway stations:

Antero de Quental, in Leblon;

Nossa Senhora da Paz, in Ipanema;

General Osório, in Ipanema;

Cantagalo, in Copacabana;

Siqueira Campos, in Copacabana;

Cardeal Arcoverde, in Copacabana;

Botafogo, in Botafogo.

As you can see on this map, there are other stations around which you can stay, I’ve picked up the most convenient ones.

The map also shows PUC-Rio as the final destination to the Subway Bus Service, which you can take from Botafogo or Antero de Quental subway stations, or either one of it’s stops. The Metro Rio website is quite informative, but to make things short, simply go to a ticket booth, inside your preferred subway station, and ask for a ticket to “PUC via Antero de Quental” or “PUC via Botafogo”, if you haven’t bought your RioCARD yet.

And I can just imagine you folks choosing to try Botafogo, even if you are closer to Antero de Quental, just because is easier to speak. Come on, practice your tongue twisting.

Taking the Subway bus:

From their final destinations (PUC, Botafogo subway station or Antero de Quental subway station), or from one of it’s stops, that you identify by a distinctive sign, you can simply hop up the bus and buy it’s ticket from the ticket collector (trocador, in portuguese). You can check out the exact location of each bus stop at the Metro Rio website:


-Antero de Quental – PUC-Rio, round trip;

– Botafogo – PUC-Rio round trip.

Both Botafogo and Antero de Quental are located on public squares, so it’s quite easy to find theirs bus stop exact location, and there are signs leading you to it.


Apart from the subway bus service, you can also take a regular buses to PUC-Rio. There are so many bus lines in Rio that I would suggest you either use the Moovit app on your mobile (find out the bus options before leaving the hotel. Don’t go distractedly fumbling at your phone in the middle of the street) or ask the hotel concierge.

Taxi, Uber or Cabify:

If you are staying in one of the neighborhoods nearest to PUC-Rio (Leblon, Ipanema, Copacabana or Botafogo), you can cheaply take a cab, a Uber or a Cabify. Since LGM is happening during a national holiday, followed by a weekend, there won’t be any rush-hour traffic to tamper with the taxi fee. Even so, I would suggest Uber or Cabify simply because you won’t have to use your pocket money, as you can pay with your credit card.

Update: I’ve just talked to the cab drivers whose stop is just outside PUC’s main entrance (and, boy, do they like to talk…), and there are some updates: most of them do have credit card machines, and they are going to be there for us during LGM.

Getting back to your hotel:

For the way back, PUC is the final destination of many bus lines and two Subway Bus Service lines, just outside it’s main entrance. If you prefer the comfort of a back seat of a car, there’s also a taxi stop just by the same university entrance (see above), and you can always call for a Uber or a Cabify.

LGM venue located at:

Auditório Del Castilho
Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro (PUC-Rio)
Rua Marquês de São Vicente, 225, Gávea –
Rio de Janeiro, RJ – Brasil – 22451-900