Day 2

Libre Graphics Global Documentation Project

Hong Phuc Dang

The Libre Graphics Global Documentation project is an initiative to bring together people with expertise in the free graphics software community who want to work together to create free documentation materials and translate them. It is Intended as a hub in the network of documentation producers, programmers, designers and translators.

For me the Free Software culture and sharing is just the natural way of doing things. Copying masters and learning from them has been a traditional way of learning for hundreds of years in Asia. We can look to the tradition of copying paintings for instance. Meeting a lot of newbie FOSS users and in particular designers I would also like to see more free documentation books, tutorials, videos and any other resources available to grow the community. In an openly maintained project, increasing the user community ultimately also means increasing the number of contributors. While closed copyright materials currently offer income to existing contributors, I would personally be happy to support authors to adapt a more open and freely licensed publishing.

The Libre Graphics Global Documentation projects aims to work as a supportive network hub for existing free/libre software projects. Furthermore it is a playground to test and adapt tools from the ‘software world’ for documentation projects including using Git repositories for documentation projects and ‘task’ trackers. We also encourage the experimentation with different media, especially as different learner types appeal to different forms of interaction.

A community blog that will be launched shortly will inform people about new activities and documentation related material. Activities planned are live book sprints, the making of tutorial videos and the translation of existing books. Materials will be released mainly on existing channels of projects or on dedicated sites like flossmanuals which will be linked from the Libre Graphics Global Documentation site. The project will work to acquire funding for documentation workshops. Books coming out of the project will be published with an official ISBN and will be released as printed books (if possible) taking advantage of lower printing costs in Asia. Continuing our work at events like FOSSASIA and the Open Design Weeks Asia we will feature documentation related workshop sessions and support projects with materials and space needed to have the best possible outcome.

Hong Phuc has been involved in the Free/Libre/Open Source community since 2007 when she supported the organization of FOSS Bridge EU-Vietnam ( During her studies in Singapore she has participated in community events of LinuxNUS and the FOSS Alliance ( She has organized a some of the biggest FOSS events in Asia including of GNOME.Asia 2009 in Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) with 1400 participants, Barcamp Mekong, FOSSASIA 2010 ( and OpenDesign Weeks Asia 2011 ( Active contributions to software projects include “light Ubuntu” ( and localization projects in Vietnam. In her professional life she works as a consultant for IDC, GHP and MBM Vietnam ( She currently organizes a training program for free software with the German development cooperation GIZ (

Free Documentation on Floss World

Elisa de Castro Guerra

Presentation of Floss Manuals the fondation. Presentation of Floss Manuals francophone the association. Our plateforme : Floss Manuals & Booki (and bookimobile) Our goals and our need.

This project is multinlingual, and we hope in Montréal touch people to translate french manual into english. Furthemore we want put out the importance of the documentation in FLOSS Graphics.”,”Elisa de Castro Guerra is a french graphic designer. She is also author about Inkscape book in french and docwriter on the french team of Inkscape. Cédric Gémy is a french graphic designer, teacher, art director, author (etc etc) about many floss graphic. He is also docwriter in some floss graphics. Cédric and Elisa have founded the new Association Floss Manuals Francophone, the french localisation of the fondation Floss Manuals.

Floss Manuals is a fondation creat by Adam Hyde. Adam Hyde was a digital artist come from New Zealand. Now he manage Floss Manuals and Booki for creat new free and good manual about free culture and free tools.

“Jon”,”Phillips”,””,”Fabricating a Libre Graphics Future”,”In art school we used to say there are people who work on themselves and those who make art. While this reductive analysis can’t possibly explain the complete path for promoting and growing development and usage of libre graphics software and ideologies, this presentation examines the two paths of conservatism and progressivism through several examples. From desktop vs web development with Inkscape vs Aiki Framework, software vs hardware with flickernoise and the MilkyMist1, and fixed-income vs dynamic business growth, both defensive and offensive strategies for the future of Libre Graphics is shown.

Of course, the bias in this presentation is to grow the creative free software applications and libre graphics projects globally in the face of mass competition from locked-down creative web applications, the rapidly decreasing cost of consumer electronics for producing and consuming digital media, and possibly the largest threat to ourselves, the lactic acid of infinitely supporting legacy architectures of hardware, software and mental processes.

Crafting an Open Font Stack

Christopher Adams

The call for quality free and open fonts that are suitable to the needs of the most demanding web and print designers has finally been answered. At the Libre Graphics Meeting 2010 in Brussels I addressed many of the classic typeface designs available under a free license. Scroll down one year and we are witness to a multitude of new designs as well as the technology to deliver them reliably on the Web. All libre graphics and software professionals now have the tools at hand to apply excellence in type design to their web-based projects. In this talk I will offer a practical guidebook for deploying free and open fonts on the Web and in print alike.

Laying out democracy

Manufactura Independente (Ana Carvalho and Ricardo Lafuente)

Using publicly available government databases, we built a whole web application from scratch in order to make this information available in the most straightforward way we could find. Using libre tools, we created, a transparent repository of the workings of the Portuguese Parliament. One of our main concerns was to give a lot of thought to the overall design aspect, as well as proper tools to provide a good experience. Ultimately, our goal is to make navigating Parliament as interesting and engaging as wandering through Wikipedia.

In our lightning talk, we’d go over the process of building and designing the interface, as well as the challenges involved in processing and displaying this kind of information.

Manufactura Independente is a design research studio born in 2010 and based in Porto, Portugal. It is the playground and testing grounds for Ana Carvalho and Ricardo Lafuente’s design experiments and general fooling around.

14:00 Free Network Services and Global Conflicts

Jon Phillips

This panel reintroduces the project in relation to creative services. The tagline “”Toward Free Network Services”" underlines the importance of following principles that support user autonomy and freedom as we live our lives on the web. Originally set forth by the Franklin Street Statement, the project began its life and gained recognition with the introduction of Creative Commons,, Status.Net, Libre.FM, and GNU Social. Since then, creation of the OStatus federated messaging protocol, the Federated Social Web group, and the hype cloud of Diaspora, there is a resurgence of new projects. Meanwhile, technology startup money primarily funneled to San Francisco continues to further convert off-line businesses to on-line ones. Facebook, Google and Apple continue to grow in size and ability to further connect and profit off personal information, often with user complicity. And, worldwide people and regimes in conflicts in Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, Lebanon and Syria, use free social networks to effect information flows and public opinion locally and globally. Where do libre graphics artists and developers fit into this complex puzzle and how can they participate?

Laidout and Strange Interfaces

Tom Lechner

Updates on improvements in Laidout from the last 12 months, such as onscreen imposition folding, integration of the polyhedron unwrapper, and multi-mouse/multitouch capabilities.

Also discussion of hardware and software interfaces as it pertains to the creation of artwork, particularly adventures in d-i-y multitouch surfaces.

Efficient Creative Web Workflows – An Investigation

Ian Scheller

Instant VIPSMagick

Nicolas Robidoux

In this lightning talk, Nicolas Robidoux will pretend to implement a cross-platform GUI for an ImageMagick command in 5 minutes using nip2, and will proceed to pretending to use the command on a bunch of images all at once.

Explanation: Although Nicolas is prepared to do a live programming demo, this would not work well with, hence the pretending. In addition, slides allow appropriate zooming on the action, which will make things easier to see, and allow for the insertion of useful comments.

After completing his PhD in Theoretical Computer Science at the University of Kent, John Cupitt spent 15 years in the Scientific Department at the National Gallery, London, as the Gallery’s colour and imaging specialist. He was lead software developer on projects that built multispectral, visible, infrared, x-ray and 3D scanners for art objects. He designed and programmed the Gallery’s colorimetric print-on-demand service.

In 2004 he moved to Imperial College, London, to work as a bioinformatics modeller for the analysis of FDG-PET images of COPD and asthma patients. He has published papers on camera calibration, image processing I/O systems, user-interface design, the measurement of colour change in paintings, infrared imaging of paintings and on the analysis of infrared reflectograms. He is the lead developer of VIPS, a popular open-source image processing system.

Nicolas Robidoux is the VIPS/NIP2 Powerpoint Karaoke Representative for North America; He likes to end sentences with semicolons;

Easy multi-projector desktop using Lighttwist compiz plugin

Sébastien Roy

We present a new compiz plugin to use multiple projectors, in order to obtain a very high resolution desktop (with two HD projectors, the desktop is typically 3800×1000). The most important feature is that projectors alignment is done manually (very quickly) and the edge blending is computed automatically. The result is a perfectly aligned, anti-aliased and edge-blended desktop.

PiTiVi and the state of GStreamer video editing

Jean-François Fortin Tam

What has happened since I first presented Pitivi at LGM in 2009? This talk will address the following topics:

* Quick recap of the current state of open source video editors in Linux
* The challenges of open source video editing
* New features and improvements in Pitivi since 2009
* Why Pitivi shall prevail, and how to get involved
* Near Future plans for Pitivi
* ???

Know-How to Share: Beyond Software and Arts

Andreas Vox

Modern societies are based on technology. But this technology isn’t free: it’s protected by trade secrets and patents. It’s also mainly used for generating profits and not for helping people. FLOSS is nice, but it only covers software. Wikipedia is nice, but information is not enough to use a technology. CC-licensed art is nice, but it won’t fill your belly. Today, despite all our technology, a large part of mankind does not have sufficient access to clean water, food, energy or shelter.

This talk sketches the idea of a public database for sustainable technological processes and sufficient information on how to implement them. The database would be accompanied by a web application that allows discussing, evaluating, documenting and staging of process descriptions.

The discussion will cover the vision, feasibility and promotion of this idea.”,”Andreas Vox is one of the core team Scribus developer. He’s the text engine expert among other things.

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