Libre Graphics Meeting 2008

Wrocław 8-11th May

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Inkscape is a free vector graphics editing software distributed under GNU Public License. It utilizes GTK+ and gtkmm which ultimately is planned to be the only way to use program’s graphical user interface.

Inkscape screen

The application is a fork resulting from developers’ dissatisfaction about the development direction and progress of other, similar program called SodiPodi. At the moment Inkscape is ahead of its precursor by supporting among others things like: flowed text, improved export functions to formats like: EPS (Encapsulated PostScript), PS (PostScript), EPSI (Encapsulated PostScript Interchange), AI (Adobe Illustrator), SVG, POV (POV-Ray, only splines), SVGZ (compressed SVG) – added tracing bitmap functionality with the integrated plug-in using potrace utility. Its GUI formerly based on GIMP-style, multi-window approach has also been changed in favour of more typical one consisting of integrated toolbar and drawing area.

Program features also a simple XML editor what i.e. gives users access to locked objects.

Inkscape’s native file format is SVG. Application supports among other things: rendering using fully anti-alias, Alpha channel transparency, various gradients and fill techniques, built-in line end markers, outline fonts. One of its merits is a collection of example files demonstrating interesting effects together with a brief guide on how to achieve them.

Program, although primarily developed for Linux, is cross-platform and at this point in time runs also on other operating systems, like: Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, and other Unix-like ones.

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