Standard E-Mail Templates

Confirming a Presentation

Dear —

We are happy to confirm that your proposal — has been accepted and will be part of the LGM 2019 program as a presentation / LT / BoF / meeting /workshop. The meeting takes place from May 29 to June 2, 2019, in Saarbruecken, Germany.

We ask you to confirm by responding to this email that you are indeed planning to join us in Saarbruecken. Please do so before Friday, February 23, 2019 so we can finalize the schedule!

You will find as attachment your proposal as you sent it to us. If you want to revise it, please send us the new version before Friday, February 23, 2019. You will find in the second part of this email informations from the selection committee about the content of LGM talks.

If you asked for support from LGM, take into account that we cannot currently promise such reimbursement. As soon as we know that sponsoring and/or community contributions are available, we will get in touch. We cover travel costs only (economy class, no accommodation etc.)and also publish information related to travel cost reimbursement on the LGM website.

If you need an invitation letter (for obtaining a Visa for example),
please get in touch with us.

Latest news, the definitive programme, special events etc. will be published on the LGM website.

We look forward to your contribution and to a great LGM!

For the LGM team,