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The Online IT infrastructure team is in charge of the communication infrastructure used for the LGM.

The infrastrucutre is composed by:

  • an LGM website for each year.
  • an information management site (currently this WordPress instance).
  • the LGM mailing list on Freedesktop.
  • partially, the Create mailing list.
  • the #lgm IRC channel on Freenode.
  • the #lgm2014 irc channel.
  • the contact adresses (email).

The team is composed by

  • Ale
  • Camille
  • Manuel
  • Sarup

There is a contact with Martin.. will he join the team or just consul us?

The event website

Currently, we have:

  • a WordPress based website
  • one instance per year
  • with Gravity forms form managing the talks submissions, the registration, the reimbursment and the feedback
  • the hosting is provided by Scribus in a freebsd VM

Needs for the LGM website

  • Present a yearly website to the public (about, how to participate, venue, accommodation, contacts, …)
  • Publish news (press-releases, important changes, …)
  • Present an LGM website with general information on the LGM
  • Aggregate the online social activity on the LGM (tweets by hashtag, …)

Through Gravity Forms and a set of ad hoc scripts, the website currently also provide services for the information management related to the event:

  • Registration for the event (evt. a tool for badges creation)
  • Conferences/Workshop submission
  • Reimbursement for the travelling costs
  • Feedback from the participants

Problems with the current setup:

  • Gravity forms does not allow a granular access rights to the forms and data
  • Gravity forms does not provide an API for accessing the data stored in the forms (show the entries on the site)
  • Not optimal for information management
  • People have the feeling, that when they get a login they will have to manage the website
  • Very slow (if at all) reaction from the server (BSD) admin.

Advantages of the current setup:

  • Only one, well known by the editors, platform.
  • Easy to manage on the server side

Alternatives / Propositions:

  • Use Civicrm for the meeting management.

The mailing lists

Current situation

  • The LGM mailing list for the internal organisation related discussions. With public archives and free to join.
  • The Create list for general discussions on libre graphics, which may or not include the LGM. Each LGM project should have at least one person on this list.


  • We should have a mailing list for the organisation.
  • We should have some rules on which communication goes to which channel and who should / might be on which list.

The contact addresses

Current state

  • Louis as a contact person for finances and sponsoring.


  • (forwarded to the LGM list or to selected addresses)


  • the #lgm channel is managed is managed by Peter Linnel (from the Scribus team) and the bot is mrscribe from the Scribus project (and running on the Scribus server)
  • the #lgm2014 channel is unmanaged.


  • The team should manage the #lgm channel
  • We should have our own bot (public / private archiving?)
  • Install meetbot (‎) for managing the meetings