Organization Team

If you want to join us, please register to the Libre Graphics Meeting mailing list and let us know what you can do!

Libre Graphics Meeting 2017

Notes from the organis/zation meeting in London: lgm-organisation2017-latest

Libre Graphics Meeting 2016

Some tasks were re-formulated and re-allocated: lgm-organisation2016-latest

Local Organization (London)
People: Larisa Blasic, Antonio Roberts, Phil Langley

  • communicating to/with teams (program, communication, funding)
  • Visa support (check: there is a manual for free software conferences … Floss-manuals?), making clear what expectations and timelines are around getting visas
  • Letters of invitation may be required; the local team should be able to provide the letters and (hopefully) get the language correct — e.g., clarify that the event is a “hobbyist conference” and thus does not necessitate a work visa.
  • physical logistics: location/venue, catering, coffee, tea, … dietary restrictions, Printing, signage
  • Local distribution of PR materials
  • technical details (mics, batteries, projection, technicians, power, power bars, extension cords, connectors, internet)
  • liasing with the venue, making clear of what expectations are at the venue
  • liasing with local communities, interested/interesting participants
  • Make website ok/visual profile of the edition
  • needs to have minimal budget to operate
  • Making sure Code of Conduct is enacted: Appoint contact people and provide them with a SIM card/phone, Make sure local human rights are known

People: Nate Willis, Louis Desjardins (reimbursements 2015)
Tasks: Make financial structure LGM sustainable, Arrange reimbursements, Find sponsors

People: Pippin/Øyvind Kolås, ginger, Phil Langley, Femke, Ale
Tasks: Write and circulate open call, select submissions, organise programme (in dialogue with local organisers), take care of State of Libre Graphics slides, host presentations/follow up during the event itself

People: ?
Tasks: taking care of team, equipment, webspace, recording conference, annotations, encoding etc.

Online infrastructure
People: Ale, Manuel Schmalstieg (WordPress)
Tasks: website, mailinglist?, registration (note: reflect on forms and procedures on time), meetbot install (see above), feeds from various social media platforms

People: Julien Deswaef, Liam Quin (minimal help), Loraine Furter (webdesign, banners etc.)
Tasks: Identify other libre graphics events and promote LGM, Timing is crucial: press releases etc, Social media, communication of the event, banners & posters, collect experiences about how to communicate the content of the conference, webdesign program (in collaboration with local team + program team) + program printout

Global organization
People (this list is from 2013 — do we need this, if so: update!): Ale Rimoldi, Camille Bissuel, Dave Crossland, Femke Snelting, Hong-Phuc, Jon Nordby, Louis Desjardins, Maria Leandro, Mario Behling, Øyvind Kolås, Timothée Giet
Tasks: ?

Libre Graphics Meeting 2015

Preparation notes: lgm2015-latest

Libre Graphics Meeting 2014

Global organization:

  • Ale Rimoldi
  • Camille Bissuel
  • Dave Crossland
  • Femke Snelting
  • Hong-Phuc
  • Jon Nordby
  • Louis Desjardins
  • Maria Leandro
  • Mario Behling
  • Øyvind Kolås
  • Timothée Giet


Make sure we have the right presentations, workshops, people.

  • Ale Rimoldi
  • Aleksandre Prokoudine
  • Femke Snelting
  • Jon Nordby
  • Øyvind Kolås


Make sure we have working website,internal communication tool, access to social media accounts.

  • Ale Rimoldi
  • Camille Bissuel


Website content, Social media, Press release

  • Hong-Phuc
  • Maria Leandro
  • Mario Behling


Secure money for the event.

  • Louis Desjardins
  • (Nathan)


Make sure people who want to come, can come.

  • Mario Behling

LGM 2015

Keeping the organization of the LGM 2015 on schedule.

  • Louis Desjardins