The 2020 Libre Graphics Meeting (LGM) will take place from Tuesday May 26th to Friday May 29th in Rennes, France. This annual gathering is an opportunity for teams, contributors and users involved in Libre Graphics to work together, share experiences, and hear new and inspiring ideas. By Libre Graphics we mean “Free, Libre and Open Source tools for creative uses”. LGM is not just about software, but extends to standards and file formats used in creative works. Participants in LGM are people from around the world who are passionate about Free/Libre tools and their creative applications, including developers, designers, artists, academics, and activists.


We welcome proposals for Presentations, Workshops and "Birds of a Feather" (BoF) meetings. The main topic this year is "Getting Things Done", which includes presentations attracting new contributors to participate in development and productive workshops to improve software. The expected language for all presentations and workshops is English.

Getting Things Done, for us, means explaining how you manage to attract more contributors, how you manage the tasks of development, fixing bugs, the general directions that you want to take your project, and how you interact to accomplish this. You might even talk about ideas you have but have not yet implemented. Part of Getting Things Done means sharing ideas and methods with each other and with artists.

Main Programme

We are looking for:

  • Presentations attracting new contributors to projects
  • Information about how your project "gets things done"
  • Productive workshops to improve and extend software
  • Technical presentations and workshops for developers
  • Showcases of excellent work made using Libre Graphics tools


Available formats (times include Q&A):

  • Presentations (20 minutes)
  • Birds of a Feather (BoF), Workshops, Hackathons (1-2 hours)
  • Lightning talks (5 minutes, selected at the event unconference style)

Submission details

The deadline for submissions is March 1st 2020. Selected proposals will be notified by email around mid-March. After this date, you will still have the possibility to do a lightning talk if you want to during the event.

State of Libre Graphics

Each meeting begins with a joint session that brings together everything that happened in our wide landscape over the last year. Instead of slots for general updates on the various software projects, we invite every team to submit two slides (maximum) with a short explanatory text that showcases the progress made over the past year. For first-time presenters, and particularly big or new topics in established projects, we encourage additional stand-alone submissions. The submissions deadline for the State of Libre Graphics is May 5th, 3 weeks before the beginning of LGM.


On a side note, for the party planned on Thursday evening, we invite electronic musicians and VJs using Free/Libre software to perform their art. If you are interested, contact us using the Contact form.