2018 Edition

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(For historical purposes the Call for Proposals page is still available)

Getting to Seville

The main entrance point is the airport of Seville. The city is an important touristic spot, so it’s connected to main international destinations and most major airlines offer flights in and out.
Website of Seville’s airport


For visits not exceeding ninety days per six-month period, visas are not required for most countries.

For more information see:
Visa information

The venues

The LGM will happen mostly in two different venues, the Faculty of Communication and Tramallol. There’s a map at the bottom of this page.

  • Faculty of Communication. The Faculty is located in Isla de la Cartuja, despite the name not exactly an island but a sector of Seville separated from the city center by a river branch. The main program of presentations will take place here, on Thursday and Friday.
  • Tramallol. Tramallol is a co(op)working space and cultural hub located in the old industrial tissue of the north of the city centre, in 22 Pasaje Mallol st. Here 15-20 people work daily in different fields such as programming, cooking, book-binding, design, translations… Tramallol will be the venue for workshops, BOF sessions and small presentations, on Saturday and Sunday.

Accommodation and transportation


In the center of Seville there’s plenty of accommodation solutions, near enough to walk to the proposed venues. Prices range widely, and they start in 20 € per night in shared dorms in hostels.


Seville has a bus system throughout all the city and tram, metro and train system covering certain zones. Tickets cost around 1.40 € each trip. There’s the possibility of buying a ‘bonobus’ of ten trips that reduces this cost to 0.70 €, covering metro, tram and bus. There’s a touristic card (three days validity) that covers unlimited trips. The connection with the Faculty of Communication will be through public bus transport system, that connects city center and island of Cartuja. C1 and C2 bus lines have stops in the Faculty and around city center.

Bus map:
Download bus map of Seville