Getting feedback on the LGM 2012

Help us preparing the LGM final report we will need for all our
communications with sponsoring organizations, whether they are
corporate, non-profit or public.

From each team present at LGM 2012 we need a short text telling in a
lively manner, including a good quote to summarize, what was
accomplished at LGM this year and how important LGM is in the
development cycle of your project. Get to the point. It doesn’t have
to be long. It only has to say the important things!

To the Project Feedback form »

Of course, your very welcome to publish the summary also in your Blog
or Website.

Please write and send before Monday, May 21st.

We would also encourage you to fill our participant feedback form:

To the Participant Feedback form »

Each person having participated is invited to give feedback and help
us improve the LGM!
(well, if somebody wants to write the reasons why he or she
didn’t travel to Vienna, his / her feedback is also very welcome!)

No field is mandatory: just fill the ones that matter to you.

Thanks again for participating at the LGM 2012!

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Last edited on 16.05.2012