Cutting edge graphics software meets free culture

Developers and users of Free, Libre and Open Source graphics software will meet May 10-13 in Montreal at the sixth annual Libre Graphics Meeting (LGM).

LGM 2011 will give software developers, artists, designers and other graphics professionals the opportunity to collaborate and learn from each other. LGM emphasizes the sharing of collective creativity, innovation and ideas and is free for everyone to attend.

If you’re wondering what happened at last year’s meeting, you can still see video footage of every previous conference.

Help make Libre Graphics Meeting 2011 a success

Join in on the action – submit a talk proposal! You can also donate to the cause allowing LGM to stay free and to sponsor developers and speakers. Also, Registration is now open!

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What not to miss while you’re in Montreal

Here is a list of cool thins not to miss while you are visiting Montreal!

Where to eat?


Dépanneur le pickup Amazing snack bar (hood: Jean-Talon) $

Le jardin du cari Caribbean Rotis (hood: Mile-End) $

Quin Hua Dumplings The best dumplings in Montreal (hood: Guy Concordia Ghetto) $

Chez bong Korean Food (hood: China Town) $

Pizza napolitana Italian delicious pasta and pizza (hood: Little Italy) $

Sikrit Indian Place Indian food (hood: Mile-End) $

Cocktail hawaii Tropical fruit cocktails (hood: Guy-Concordia) $

Kazu Japanese bistrot (hood: Guy-Concordia) $

La banquise The best poutine in Montreal (hood: Plateau) $

Rapido Poutine delicious (hood: Plateau) $

Chao Phraya Thai Thai (hood: Mile-End) $

Chez doval Portuguese food (hood: Plateau) $

Eaux Vivres Vegan delight (hood: Plateau) $

Beau village
Indian heaven (hood: Parc Ext.) $

Treat yo self

La croissanterie Figaro French Bistrot (hood: Outremont) $$

Le cartet French/Québécois style breakfasts and lunches (hood: Old Port) $$

Joe Beef Mckierans The best restaurant in Montreal, produce from the near-by farms (hood: Griffin Town) $$$

Le chien fumant English Pub (hood: Plateau) $$

Lawrence English Breakfast and delicious food (hood: Mile-End) $$

Restaurant le dna French/Québécois, produce from the near-by farms (hood: Old Port) $$$

Drink and eat like there will be no tomorrow

La buvette a simone French bistrot, good tapas, good wine (hood: Mile-End) $$

Burgundy lion English Pub (hood: Griffin Town) $$

For coffee snobs

Olympico Open Da Night (hood: Mile-End)

Café Club Social (hood: Mile-End)

Café Gamba (hood: Mile-End)

La petite cuillère

Party and Cool bars


Il Motoré

Casa del Popollo

Sala Rossa

Vis Versa

Baldwin Barmacy

Dieu du ciel



Petit musée de l’impression

Canada Science and Technology Museum




This is only a listing of a few places. Hope you will enjoy them. If you discover new places, share them with us all!

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