Libre Graphics Meeting 2011 Brings Open Source Graphics, Culture and Developers to Montreal

Montreal, Wednesday, May 11, 2011 – Today the Libre Graphics Meeting 2011 (LGM2011) brings Montreal three more days of solid graphics software, artists and developer talks at the École Polytechnique. From day one, art scholar Eric Schrijver’s “Plain Text: Graphic Design and Programming Culture” to Christopher Allan Webber’s “Using Blender for Patent Absurdity animations,” to Brad Phillips “Unleashing the Power of Inkscape to Create and Share using Open Clip Art Library,” talks plowed on as developers from around the world, sponsored by companies and an ongoing community campaign, made free and open source graphics software better.

“We welcome Libre Graphics Meeting to Montreal with four great days of talks, meetings and fun night events,” said Louis Desjardins, Libre Graphics Meeting 2011 organizer. “With the help of our sponsors we have brought many developers from around the world together, to work face to face. This is the only time many developers of great projects actually get to work closely and not only on-line. Montreal is the perfect city for LGM2011 with its merging of art, culture and technology.”

Today, Day 2 of LGM2011 brings “Libre Graphics Global Documentation Project” from Hong Phuc Dang, “Crafting an Open Font Stack” from Fabricatorz’ Christopher Adams, and an overview of the Libre Graphics Magazine are to be presented by Ana Carvalho, Ginger Coons, and Ricardo Lafuente. Free Software Foundation’s Matt Lee, Creative Commons’ Christopher Webber, and Fabricatorz founder Jon Phillips highlight notable web-based creative projects in a panel, “ Free Network Services and Global Conflicts.” And, highlighting the necessity of developing a weak area on the free desktop, video, is Jean-François Fortin Tam’s presentation on “PiTiVi and the state of GStreamer video editing.”

On Day 3 Susan Spencer Conklin talks about her Open Source Digital Pattern Making software, Tau Meta Tau Physica and the most popular graphics community on the web, DeviantArt’s Michael Halpert presents “DeviantArt: Creating Community Around Creativity.” Thanks to Organisation internationale de la Francophonie, LGM2011 has brought excellent presenters from Senegal, Magaouata Dan Bourgami and Mamadou Diagne’s give insight to Libre Graphics with “A manhole to West Africa.”

On the final day of LGM2011, Friday, academic Michael Terry shows some “Quick and Dirty Usability by Leveraging Google Suggest to Instantly Know Your Users” and Pierre Marchand from Belgium-based Open Source Publishing, presents “Free Graphics Programming, experiences & thoughts.” The day ends with other presentations including one by Fabricatorz founder, Jon Phillips discussing “Fabricating the Future with Copyleft Hardware.”

Libre Graphics Meeting 2011 could not have happened without the excellent support of École Polytechnique de Montréal, Organisation internationale de la Francophonie, River Valley Technologies, The Quebec Institute of Graphic Communications, openSUSE, Wikimedia CH, Savoir-faire Linux, Eyrolles, The Gimp, The Gnome Foundation, Mozilla Foundation and Xerox. LGM2011 also thanks the media sponsors, Linux Journal, Linux Pro Magazine, and DeviantArt.

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Your contribution can help make Libre Graphics Meeting 2011 (LGM) a success! All funds donated by the community to the LGM 2011 Pledgie campaign go directly towards providing travel reimbursement to the developers of free graphics applications like GIMP, Inkscape, Scribus, Open Font Library, and MyPaint, and to the artists that use these apps to create their work.

Libre Graphics Meeting is an invaluable meeting ground for developers and end users because it brings them together face to face. Underwriting travel costs is essential to LGM’s success, as many open source developers and independent artists and designers cannot count on employer-provided travel. LGM has been free of charge since the very beginning – but as the open source community continues to expand, the economy getting tougher, attendance keeps increasing, and the need for LGM support is greater than ever.

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Talks and panel discussions will be held May 10 through 13.

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About Libre Graphics Meeting 2011 in Montreal

May 10-13, École Polytechnique Engineering School

Programmers and artists from around the world are headed to Montreal for the 6th annual Libre Graphics Meeting in May. The Libre Graphics Meeting is an annual gathering for the users and developers of free and open source creative software: artistic tools that are free for anyone to use and modify. LGM gives software developers, artists, musicians, designers and other creative professionals the opportunity to collaborate, share their work and learn from each other.

The Libre Graphics Meeting exists to unite and accelerate the efforts behind Free, Libre and Open Source creative software. Organised by volunteers from the international Libre Graphics Community since 2006, this annual meeting is the premiere conference for developers, users and supporters of projects such as GIMP, Inkscape, Blender, Krita, Scribus, Hugin, the Open Clipart Library, and the Open Font Library. At LGM, teams gather to work on interoperability, shared standards, and new ideas. Work at prior LGMs has pushed the state of the art in important areas such as color management, cross-application sharing of assets, and common formats.

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LGM 2011 is hosted by the Create Project, Libre Graphics Community and Polytechnique.

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