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Libre Graphics Magazine #0

Published on 06/16/2010

During the LGM 2010, Ana, ginger and Ricardo (+ a.l.e and Femke) have published the Libre Graphics Magazine #0. You can download it here (This is a "light" version"; You may request a print ready version)

Neal Stephenson likens operating systems to cars. In his analogy, Windows is a station wagon and Mac OS is an expensive, attractive European-style car. The two are available in dealerships, along with all the normal service options. Linux, on the other hand, is a tank. Not only a tank, but a free one. It's a stronger, faster, more reliable vehicle with a personal approach to maintenance. But it doesn't have a dealership or ad budget.

Libre Graphics is in a similar situation. It's strong, fast, reliable and even diverse. It has great community support and investment. And like Stephenson's tanks, it's being cranked out and offered to anyone who will take it.

Both the Libre Graphics Meeting and this magazine exist to serve the Libre Graphics community. LGM, now in its fifth year, has been a venue for developers to meet, organize and work. In this magazine, we present to you the output of that work. Libre Graphics #0 showcases the work of developers, users, artists and people with any number of other titles. Some do performance art, some make films. In common, they have Libre Graphics.

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