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Xara LX is an open-source version of Xara Xtreme, a high performance drawing and general purpose graphics program. Xara Xtreme on Windows is the latest release of a product with a long history stretching back to Artworks on the Acorn RISC PC in the early 90s, and including a version sold by Corel (CorelXARA).

What makes Xara stand-out from the crowd is the rendering performance (by far the fastest drawing program available, on any platform), it's advanced rendering techniques that enable incredibly realistic drawings, that look like those produced by no other drawing software, it's ease of use and slick, clutter-free user interface.

Xara has a dedicated, loyal following of professional artists and illustrators, although it's used daily by tens of thousands of casual computer users.

Xara Ltd announced in late 2005 that it was intending to port the product to Linux and Mac and release it under the GNU GPL. Since then work has progressed on porting the basic framework and the rendering engine in readiness of releasing the source code, which it expects to start doing in Q1 2006.

Xara's goal is simple: With the help of the open-source developer community they hope to create the fastest, most powerful, easiest to use, general purpose graphics tool for Linux (and Mac).