Sunday at LGM is the make-it-up-as-you-go day. Lots of developers and artists will be in the same place, and we hope that the links forged over the previous two days get tempered on this day. Brainstorming and project planning are probably on the cards, but so is relaxing, collaboration, chatting, networking and whatever else takes your fancy. Conference rooms, network, meeting space and a coffee machine will be at your disposition.

Please use the LGM wiki to schedule events on Sunday.

Nevertheless, to give the day a minimum of structure, we have scheduled a couple of things.

Talks and speakers

GIMP: the next generation. gegl, gggl, babl and more, Øyvind Kolås (Pippin)

Since 1999, GEGL has been proclaimed as the heart of the next big leap forward for the GIMP. As time has gone by, and work on GEGL tapered off and stopped, Øyvind Kolås has stepped forward to fill the void. Over the past two years, he has (through his work on a variety of software he has written for himself) developped modules which are ready to step up to the plate and replace the aging core of the GIMP.

In this talk, pippin will show us his work, what it means to the GIMP, and where we go from here.

Colour management with LittleCMS, Marti Maria

Surprisingly, for those not working with images, colour is one of the most complex and difficult issues in image processing.

No two printers, scanners, digital cameras or screens "see" a given colour in the same way. So to make sure that the image that you see on the screen has the same colours as the scene you were looking at when you took a picture of it, and still has the same colour when you print it out, we need some way to standardise what a colour means, and then convert to and from that standard for each device in our toolchain.

An international standard for colour exists (in fact, there are two). And there is also a standard way to convert to & from that standard. littleCMS is a free software package which allows you to work with colour, and convert from one colourspace to another. In this talk, Marti will explain what it does, and how it is useful to all graphics programs.

SIOX Simple Interactive Object Extraction - behind the scenes, Gerald Friedland

SIOX, the Simple Interactive Object eXtraction tool, is a high quality tool for detecting shapes in an image. It was added to the GIMP core during the 2.3 development cycle, and will be a major new feature in the upcoming 2.4 release. In this talk, Gerald will guide is through the intricacies of the tool and how it works.

Inkscape/GIMP demo, Andy Fitzsimon

All the way from Australia, AndyFitz is an artist and Inkscape developer, who will show us the way around these two applications. Sure to be fun and educational.

Contributing to GIMP, Karine Delvare (edhel)

Karine Delvare has been a GIMP developer for the past year, where she has quickly made a name for herself by taking on tasks from translating articles by lazy authors to hacking on the new selection and crop tools.

Dans cette présentation, Karine dessinera le chemin à suivre pour s'infiltrer dans des projets du libre, et notamment le GIMP. Elle présentera les mystères de Bugzilla, CVS, IRC, les listes de diffusion et les autres trucs qu'on n'apprend pas à l'ecole.

Presentation in French

Project Orange, speaker to be announced

Project Orange is the brainchild of Ton Roosendaal, the leader of the Blender project.

Blender has had an unusual history. It started as an in-house tool for film-making, made its way out into the wild as a commercial 3D program, and then (as the company which owned it was going under) was bought back by the user community for $100,000, raised in under 7 weeks. Since then, the continued development of Blender has been assured by the Blender Foundation.

Project Orange is a return to the project's roots for blender. The foundation is making a short animated film, using entirely free software tools. The film will be submitted for a SIGGRAPH award at the beginning of March, and will have its first public airing in Lyon.

Xara Xtreme, Neil Howe, Xara CTO

Xara, creators of Xara Xtreme, a vector graphics program for windows, created a big splash earlier this year when they announced that they were distributing their premier program under the GPL. The same day, they announced that they were funding work to create a universal file format converter which would allow their program to work perfectly with Inkscape, among others. And they also announced that they were going to port Xtreme to GNU/Linux and MacOS X.

Six months later, they will be coming to Lyon, to show us how the porting efforts are going, and to give us a look at what Xtreme can do.

Inkscape, OpenClipart & Creative Commons, Jon Phillips

Jon Phillips is a writer, Inkscape developer, and employee of Creative Commons. He is passionate about open formats, and is a joint founder of, a project which has provided thousands of free to use and freely redistributable SVG clip-art images since its inception.

Scribus - Open Source Page Layout, Craig Bradney & Peter Linnell

Scribus is a QT based desktop publishing program. Ideal for creating online magazines, brochures and other stuff like that, it is fast improving, and has a native Aqua version in alpha. Craig and Peter (or MrB and mrdocs, as they're better known) will give us the tour.

Lightning talks

Lightning talks are short presentations (5 to 10 minutes) which the speaker prepares beforehand, and gets right to the point. Suitable for introducing a little-known project, or showing off a little-known feature of a well-known app, or maybe a cool trick that you learned. Lightning talks are open to all, and are to be organised on the wiki. Time, and thus slots, are limited. First come, first served.