Inkscape Logo

Inkscape is the leading free software vector graphics package. It has a vibrant developer and user community. It's available for GNU/Linux, Windows, MacOS X and all flavours of Unix.

Inkscape is a vector drawing program with capabilities similar to Illustrator, Freehand, and CorelDraw. It uses the W3C standard SVG as its native document format.

The Inkscape project has a stormy past, coming as it does from a fork with another project, Sodipodi. The advances made in Inkscape in a relatively short period have set it apart from its predecessor, and Inkscape is now the premier free software vector art program, with support for features like flowed text, styles and tileable cloning.

Perhaps the most impressive feature of Inkscape is the way that the project has gathered a large group of passionnate users and developers, working together to make a high quality drawing program for artists, illustrators, designers and hobbyists. Inkscape is vector drawing for real people.