Wilber for us!

I am a former public servant and my good friend is a public elementary educator, most of her students belong to the under privilege children in our community. Most of the time she asked me to do teaching materials for her daily lessons in Filipino Language, Elementary English, Music, Arts and Physical Education subjects. Helping her is just like helping the young students to achieved better education, aside from that we also created and published a free-coloring book for the under privilege pupil in the 16 Daycare centers in our town Pagsanjan. Then after, with the permission of her superior, we convinced him to train students to compete for the TECHNOLYMPICS were students will participate and compete for manipulating images using free image manipulation software from different public elementary school in our Province (District, Cluster and Division levels), for the first time that Unson Elementary School participated in the competition they rank 2nd among the 324 competing public elementary schools. With joy in our endeavor and permission from his superior we continue to teach all the 31 public educators in the elementary school to help them with their daily teaching duties and spread the knowledge of using libre graphics software.

Erwin Sacluti

I am Erwin Sacluti, 38 years of age, FIlipino, a former local youth leader, former public servant, computer graphics and programming enthusiast. I do share my free acquired knowledge at no cost for deserving young students and public educators in our community.