Why are black plums red when they are green?

Ten years later, the Libre Graphics ecosystem has become a galaxy made of a large number of projects that nourish it. This Galaxy develops because we help each other to grow. Going beyond with Libre Graphics involves sharing our practices with people who are not designers, programmers, artists or developers – with those who have not yet taken off.

In February 2015, Gráfica Liebre is launching an open women’s group called The Plums which will meet on a weekly basis. A space for thinking, learning and producing with Libre Tools and open practices in a feminist atmosphere. The aim is to share our knowledge regarding visual language with women who are interested, in order to broaden their capacity to read and produce, while promoting the Libre Graphics outlook amongst the
female population. Working as a group and learning through practice, participants will become lucid and active visual readers and producers.

Given the time frame, this talk doesn’t present achievements, but rather aims to share the project in its initial stages and seeks to obtain valuable feedback from the Toronto meeting that can contribute to the successful development of this experience.

Myriam Cea

Myriam Cea (Madrid, Spain, 1975). I've always been interested in Arts and creativity; it's for that that I studied Sculpture (Escuela de Artes y Oficios La Palma, Madrid. 1997-2000), Engraving (Escola superior de disseny i art Llotja. Barcelona. 1995-2000), and finally Graphic Design (Escuela Superior de Diseño, Madrid. 2009-2013). Among other professional activities related to design and its promotion, I'd been in charge of the Libre Graphics WorkStation in Medialab-Prado Madrid the last two years. At the same time I concived the idea of forming a working group on open source tools and practices. Today this group has become in an Association for Open Design and a graphic design studio, the first one that works exclusively whit libre tools in Madrid. We called it Gráfica Liebre, curretly leaded by Beatriz F. Estévez and myself. www.graficaliebre.com