Text interaction – how far and how better can it get?

Text interaction is a challenge to any graphic production. Editorial team and graphic design teams must interact all the way from the first step of handing out the text from one to the other, until the final product is achieved. This is not a one-way ride. In fact, the workflow doesn’t flow downstream all the way. There are many stops along the way, and going back and forth is part of the job. How this is done? How can this be improved? What’s the missing link?

Louis Desjardins

Co-founder of Mardigrafe, a Montreal-based graphic design and print shop since 1986, Louis Desjardins is contributing to the Scribus project since 2004. He’s a passionate typographer and graphic art specialist as well as a lively presenter. Louis is participating to LGM since the first one in Lyon in 2006. http://www.mardigrafe.com