Ten years of Pitivi (and of libre video editing in general)

“LGM 2015: Beyond The First Decade” has a special meaning for the Pitivi community, as this leading GStreamer-based video editor recently celebrated its own 10th anniversary.

In this talk, we will look at changes in the motion graphics landscape in recent years (shifts in filmmaking hardware and production pace,
computing power, means of distribution, etc.), take a moment to marvel at the progress we have made thus far (esp. from the Pitivi side), and another moment to ponder the herculean task that remains before us in order to remain relevant for the next decade.

This talk is intended to be less technical, touching on subjects such as heavy trends in the industry, FLOSS project management, economics, etc. All are welcome!

In addition to this presentation, interested parties may join us afterwards for an ad-hoc yet intensive testing session to weed out remaining bugs for the upcoming Pitivi 1.0 release.

Jean-François Fortin Tam

Jean-François (“Jeff”) is a long-time interaction and UX designer. His experience and fields of interest include desktop software UI design, web and mobile, natural language and alternative input methods, branding, marketing, business strategy, cognitive and social psychology. With a deep passion for FLOSS, he has been an active Pitivi & GNOME contributor throughout the past decade. Elected as the president of the GNOME Foundation in 2014, Jean-François is also the founder of the idéemarque branding & strategy company, located in Montréal, Canada. http://jeff.ecchi.ca