Specimen Sprint

At last LGM I did a lightning talk to present SPECIMEN, a blog and growing collection of graphic essays on F/LOS typefaces. This project was developed to rethink the traditional “neutral” form of font specimens, instead choosing a specific layout and content in line with the history and cultural implications of each typeface. An approach that takes in consideration the sources and the documentation of the fonts.

This year I would like to propose both a lecture (see lecture proposal) with examples of this approach to F/LOS typefaces and a “specimen workshop”.

The “specimen workshop”, or “specimen-sprint” is a two-hours workshop where the participants are invited to design specimens for F/LOS fonts, taking in consideration their (hi)story, and designed with F/LOS tools of their choice. By participating, they can help creating more visibility for F/LOS fonts with an approach playing on the strengths of the F/LOSS philosophy.
The participants will have access to references, source materials and information on the fonts, gathered by Loraine from the designers’ documentation and through e-mail interviews.
At the end of the workshop, the specimens will be printed and displayed at LGM’s venue and published online.

Loraine Furter

Loraine Furter is a graphic designer who recently met the Open Source approach, enriching her (graphical) practice and vision of creation. Loraine is active in the research around new forms of publishing, from digital and hybrid publishing to book sprints, and frequently gives workshops on this subject. http://specimen.meteor.com/