This presentation will review Sri Lankan graphic design as a Case Study for the role of Libre Graphics tools and practices in the developing world. I work with a group of friends as a design studio / collective (mooniak.com) and we started using libre tools, mainly Inkscape / FontForge for our design work around a year back. I will use some of the projects we do at mooniak.com to demonstrate my points. Over the last year we managed to work with clients to do their design projects and then publish the content under CC licenses. Each distinctive culture needs stock images, icons and fonts relevant to that culture. A proprietary model has not provided those design assets to the small market in Sri Lanka. Convincing clients to make projects libre is not easy. We have a simple model, clients get a discount if they wish to go libre. We can give a better price, because we don’t have the overheads (We work from home) software costs, and because we use open content.The other aspect I will focus is challenges that we faced in migrating as a group, coming from different backgrounds. And wrap up with few thoughts on why developing world is a better playground for Libre Graphics Tools.

Pathum Egodawatta

Pathum Egodawatta is a Graphic Designer based in Colombo, Sri Lanka, who graduated from the Academy of Design, Colombo with a 1st Class BA Graphic Design degree in 2013, topping the batch. He currently works with a bunch of like minded designers at mooniak, a collaborative creative practice focused on visual design, type design and design centric social enterprises. Mooniak appreciates free culture and sharing and releases almost all its work under free culture licenses. mooniak.com