imgflo: On-demand serverside image processing

imgflo is a image processing server with a HTTP API,
using GEGL and node.js. Images are processed on-demand
by accessing an URL which specifies the input image,
operations to perform and associated parameters.

imgflo uses the Flowhub visual programming IDE to allow
image processing pipelines to be developed using
a visual, interactive, node-based editor.
The pipelines can then be deployed to the server,
or one can use them in other GEGL-based applications
– including GIMP.

The talk will cover motivation for an image processing server,
possible uses, and demo current capabilities.

The imgflo project was started after discussions at LGM2014,
and is used in production since October at thegrid.io

Jon Nordby

Jon is a software engineer at The Grid, responsible for the image processing capabilities of their AI web publishing tool. Since 2010 he has worked on several libre graphics projects, including MyPaint, OpenRaster and GEGL. In his spare time, Jon currently researches digital fabrication technologies at the Bitraf hackerspace in Oslo. http://imgflo.org