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How to Build an Online Animation Studio

Theory Animation is an online animation studio born amongst the turmoil in the animation industry. From the closure to Rhythm & Hues and Dreamworks Animation; Theory looks at ways a studio can thrive in this changing world: Free Software (Blender, Joomla), Free Version-Control (Subversion), and a group of dedicated artists from around the world who want to make a difference. We’ll talk history, present, and ultimately future: a place where artists can sell directly to consumers and do what they love.

David Andrade

David Andrade is co-founder and animator at Theory Animation, the world's first online animation studio. He co-founded the company a day after Rhythm & Hues Studios laid him and his team off. http://theoryanimation.com

Szymon Buhajczuk

Szymon Buhajczuk is a Engineering Manager with SimuTech Group and an Animator at Theory Animation. His passions include Blender, animating and aviation photography. http://theoryanimation.com