Goodbye FontForge

FontForge has been the leading libre font editor for more than 10 years now. Three years ago I began Crafting Type, a collective and co-operative project to offer short type design introduction workshops around the world, using only libre graphics tools. Around that time the FontForge founder, George Williams, stepped away from the project to pursue other hobbies, so I stepped up to organise the development that I found Crafting Type participants asking for. Despite fixing many crashes and bugs and attempts to add brave new features, last year I became disheartened at the rate of progress. I began considering what an ideal libre font editor ought to be, and how to make it happen. This presentation shows where FontForge is today, various efforts to develop new libre font editors, and where I hope to go in the next 10 years.

Dave Crossland

Dave Crossland attended the first LGM as an undergraduate graphic design student in London, and focused his studies and career on libre graphics ever since. After graduating from a Masters programme in Typeface Design he was lucky to be invited by Google to arrange financial support for new libre font projects, designed for the web, and today there are hundreds of such projects. http://fontforge.github.io/