Creating realtime collaborative web applications with Derby.js and Meteor.js

The technologies needed to create realtime collaborative web applications have recently become much more accessible to web developers. Realtime web applications allow users to modify values without having to submit forms and/or reload the page, and any changes made by one user are propagated to other users—without them needing to reload the page either. While the software industry’s uptake of such techniques has been largely driven by the popularity of social network type applications, the mechanims work very well to create collaborative creative applications.

Two popular frameworks, Meteor.js and Derby.js, provide solutions for the synchronisation and data binding required to make such applications function. Eric will introduce these two frameworks and their respective strength and show how they are used within OSP. Eric details the creation of Ethertoff.js (with Derby.js) and demos the creation of a collaborative font drawing tool (with Meteor.js).

Eric Schrijver

OSP makes graphic design using only free and open source software. A caravan of practitioners from diverse fields, they design, program, research and teach. Working for print and web and its hybrids, OSP creates visual identities and digital utilities, always digging for a more intimate relation with the tool. Eric Schrijver designs and develops with OSP. He also teaches at the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague and is the editor in chief of the group blog ‘I like tight pants and mathematics’ http://osp.kitchen/ http://i.liketightpants.net/and/