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Relearn (Variable Summerschool)

Relearn is a temporary artschool without teachers or rather it has as many teachers as it has participants. It is about sharing and trying new cultural practices, and is entirely running on Free, Libre and Open Source software. The first edition took place in August 2013 in Variable F/LOSS Arts Lab in Brussels. During five days, 40 people from all over the world gathered to learn from each other about experimental design. From 7-11 July 2014 a second edition will take place. This time Relearn expands to include Libre video, sound and hardware. In our presentation at LGM we’d like to show methods and outcomes from the first edition of Relearn.

Alex Leray

Designer graphique et de médias qui croise une approche visuelle et programmatique du design. Alexandre s’intéresse au web comme espace de lecture/écriture, aux software studies et aux communs. Il travaille actuellement à l’édition d’un recueil de documents autour de la relation entre outils, pratique et culture libre dans le design graphique, dans le cadre du projet de recherche Libre Graphics Research Unit.

Gijs de Heij

Gijs de Heij is a designer and programmer, part of OSP. And shares OSP's fascination for typography and it's (hidden) underlying formats & techniques. osp.kitchen, de-heij.com

Sarah Magnan

Graphic designer, Sarah started to experiment at ERG (Brussels) possible links between graphic design and new media art. From links to links she get curious and interested by collaborative work, sharing matters on web, on print and more widely on archiving matters: which status to gives to archive, how to make it born or reborn, how to share it, show it, confront it.