Libre Graphic Workstation at Medialab-Prado Madrid

The aim of my presentation is to show Libre Graphics workstation’s evolution and development at Medialab-Prado Madrid. The Libre Graphics workstation at Medialab is conceived like an open studio where anyone, whether professional or amateur, artist, designer, developer or general public, is welcome to read, learn, talk, discuss, research, experiment or produce with Libre Graphics. The Workstation is intended to work as a node of LGRU project. In the last LGM2013, the Station started to work in a new emplacement at Medialab-Prado’s brand new building ‘Serrería Belga’ and has begun to work in different directions and projects, such as: Libre Graphics Open Thursdays Libre Tools workshops Print Party Build Your Own Tool Mantera Jam Session WikiArS Project Poetic Resistance group Grafica Liebre

Myriam Cea

Myriam Cea (Madrid, Spain, 1975). I've always been interested in Arts and creativity; it's for that that I studied Sculpture (Escuela de Artes y Oficios La Palma, Madrid. 1997-2000), Engraving (Escola superior de disseny i art Llotja. Barcelona. 1995-2000), and finally Graphic Design (Escuela Superior de Diseño, Madrid. 2009-2013). Among other professional activities related to design and its promotion, I'd been in charge of the Libre Graphics WorkStation in Medialab-Prado Madrid the last two years. At the same time I concived the idea of forming a working group on open source tools and practices. Today this group has become in an Association for Open Design and a graphic design studio, the first one that works exclusively whit libre tools in Madrid. We called it Gráfica Liebre, curretly leaded by Beatriz F. Estévez and myself. www.graficaliebre.com